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Half Day Vegan Cooking Class
June 12, 2019
June 13, 2019



The Best ways to learn about Vietnamese country by discover Vietnamese Agriculture , culture and cuisines and history and this tour bring all of that just for one day . Let see how amazing day you will get by joining with us


Start Ho Chi Minh City at 7:30am to HCM Agricultural Villages 8:45am

–          Visiting  HCM Agricultural Villages from 8:45am – 10:00am

  • Visiting Cow areas
  •  Visiting Buffalo Areas
  •  Visiting Rice Fields
  •  Visiting Big Herbs, Spices, Vegetables and Mushrooms areas
  •  Challenges on the Garden Become real Vietnamese Farmer on Vietnamese Traditional Hat and Pick up a lot of Herbs ,spices ,Vegetables and Mushrooms on The Garden

–          cooking Challenges 10:00am -1:30pm

  • Hands on cooking class with three dishes and 1 dessert and enjoy what they have done
  • Enjoy Great Healthy Cooking Tips
  • Congratulation with nice certificate, recipes, souvenirs
  • Collect email and Update nice healthy recipes monthly

-Visiting Rice Paper Factory 1:30pm -2:00pm

  • Understanding the whole process to make rice paper
  •   Surprise to see main ingreidients to make rice paper
  •   See how we mixed the flour with water
  •   See how the fresh rice paper comes out after steam
  •   See How we handle it on the tray and how we dried it out
  •   See How we cut rice paper in the shape we want
  • See How we pack the rice paper in the packages before selling or exporting

–          Visiting   Rubber Tree forest 2:00pm-2:15pm

Exploring the Big Rubber tree forest and Understanding how the Local people Collect The Latex

–          Visiting  Cu Chi Tunnels  2:15pm -4:00pm

+ Watching a presentation video

+Getting to see the tunnels and discover how these tunnels were constructed

+Visiting Hoang Cam’s smoke-less store

+Trying gun shooting with real bullets (fees not included)

+Tasting boiled tapioca, drinking hot tea

The Journey will be the end at 5:30pm in Hotel HCM City

Enjoy great Unique Experience about Vietnamese Culture, cuisine, Agriculture and History

Including: Cooking Class ,Lunch, entrances fees, Guide, Transports, napkin, Ice teas, Souvenirs, certificate ,activities

Excluding: Personal Expense