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We Designed the new Techniques to make all the dishes become simple , healthy and delicious . Choose 4 or 9 Dishes in our sample menu or whatever in Vietnam and send for us when you book our class

1.Fresh spring roll with prawn/Pork/Chicken

2.Special Spring roll with prawn/Pork/Chicken /Beef

3.Mustard Leave Rolled with Prawn

4.BBQ Beef wrap with Betel Leaves

5.BBQ Sugar cane Stuffed with prawn serve with Wedding noodle and dipping sauce

6.Steam Wonton with Prawn/Pork/Chicken

7.Crispy Wonton with prawn/Pork/Chicken

8.Summer roll with BBQ Pork/Chicken/prawn

9.Vietnamese Omelette

10.Vietnamese Mini Pancake

11. Vietnamese pancake

12.BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn on fresh rice noodle

14.Stir fry Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with chilli ,lemongrass on fresh rice noodle

15.Special Spring roll on fresh rice noodle

16.Bun Cha Obama

17.BBQ Fish with curry ,Turmeric on fresh rice noodle

18.Pumpkin stuffed with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

19.Sticky rice stuffed with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

20.Corn Cake

21.Vietnamese Dumpling stuffed with prawn

22. BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn stuffed with lemongrass

23.Prawn Wrap with Coriander

24. Crispy Chicken wings with fish Sauce .

25. Crispy chicken wings with Lemon Sauce

26.Sticky rice Friter stuffed with Roasted Chicken

27. Mango salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

28. Papaya Salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

29.Morning Glory with Prawn and Pork or BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

30. Lotus salad with Prawn or BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

31.Banana flower salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

32. Glass noodle salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /calamari

33. Pomelo Salad with prawn or BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

34. Mustard Sprout Salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

35.BBQ Eggplant Salad with pork Minced or BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

36. Spicy Beef Salad

37.Cucumber Salad with Chicken or BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

38.Bitter Melon Salad with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

39.Vietnamese Banh Mi with BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

40.Banh Mi with Pork Ball serve with Tomato Sauce

41. Tomato Stuffed wit pork ball serve with tomato sauce

42. Crispy Prawn with Tamarind sauce

43.Stir fry squid with sweet and sour sauce

44.Stir fry Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with chilli lemongrass sauce

45.Crispy Beef with chilli Sauce

46. Herbal Fish

47. Stir fry Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with herbal Sauce

48. BBQ Fish wrap with banana Leaves

49. BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with sate sauce

50.Stir fry Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with sate sauce

51. Meequang Noodle Soup

52.Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

57. Famous Beef Noodle Soup

58.Famous Chicken Noodle Soup

59.Dry Rice Noodle with prawn and pork

60.Rice Noode Soup with Prawn and Pork

61.Seafood Hotpot

62. BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with Ginger Sauce

63.Stir fry Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with ginger sauce on Chowmein Noodle

64.Stir fry BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with Ginger sauce

65.Stir fry rice noodle with curry sauce

66.Crispy BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /fish with Curry Sauce

67.Stir fry BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /fish with Curry Sauce

68 BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /Fish with Curry sauce

69.Crispy Calamari with salt and Pepper Sauce

70.Crispy chicken wings with salt and pepper sauce

.71. Tempura with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

72..Lotus fried rice with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

73.Vietnamese Fried rice with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /fish

74.San choi Bao with Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn

74.Stir fry BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn with Basil Sauce

75. BBQ Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /fish with Basil Sauce

76.Honey Pork /chicken/Beef/Prawn /Fish

77.Stew /pork Chicken in Claypot

78.Stew Pork Belly with Egg

79.Stir fry Calamari with Xo Sauce

80.Crispy Crab with Xo Sauce

81. Curry Chicken

82.Eggplant stuffed with prawn and Pork serve with Mushroom Sauce

83.Stew Pork Spare rib with Sweet and Sour Sauce

84.Stir fry water spinach with garlic sauce

85. Shaking Chicken/beef

86.Grilled fish with Tomato Sauce

87.BBQ Banana with coconut Milk

88.Banana Spring roll with coconut cream

89.BBQ Pineapple with coconut milk

90. Banana/Pineapple Cake with coconut Milk

91.Steam Banana/Pineapple with coconut Milk

92.Banana Fritter with coconut Milk

93.Sweet Mung Bean Soup

93.Sticky Corn Soup

93.Banana/Mango Sticky rice fritter with coconut Milk

94.Pandan Pancake with coconut Milk

95.Passion fruit Juice Cocktail

96. Passion fruit with coconut cream

97.Kumquat ,Tamarind Juice

98 Sweet potato ,Taro Pancake with coconut Milk

100. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

101. Vietnamese mini pancake stuffed with Banana/pineapple/mango with passion fruit sauce

102. BBQ Banana with orange sauce

103.Banana/pineapple Fritter with orange sauce

104. Bbq Banana /pineapple with Orange sauce

105 .Roasted Banana cake with orange sauce

106. Mango Fritter with Passion fruit sauce

107.Orange cake with orange sauce

108. Sweet Potato cake with Passion fruit sauce

109. BBQ Sticky rice with banana wrap with banana leaves serve with orange sauce

110. Steam Banana with Orange sauce

111. Jack fruit pancake with orange sauce

113. Black bean cake with Orange sauce

114.Mango pancake with orange and passion fruit sauce