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The HCM Cooking Class is a unique and healthy cooking class. Not only will we teach you how to cook, but you will learn how to use food as medicine and discover Vietnamese food culture. Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Our class is held in the most beautiful Agricultural Village where you will see our Vietnamese Medicine Garden with many different kinds of herbs, spices and vegetables. You will learn how to grow many kinds of mushrooms in our Mushroom House and experience what it is like to be a Vietnamese farmer. You will then select herbs and vegetables from our garden and our talented, professional chef will show you how easy it is to prepare delicious healthy food using these ingredients. In Other Hands ,If you do not like cooking ,you will also have chance to become real vietnamese farmer where you can grow up vegetables,rice and harvest many different kind of fruits ,vegetables,muhsrooms in our farm then giving it out for our Master Chefs cook it for you or just come here and enjoy Great Healthy Lunch in Natural Atmosphere environment

Your time in the Agricultural Village is a great chance to escape the hustle and bustle of busy HCM city where you will replace the sound of bike and car horns with the peaceful sounds of cows, birds, ducks, frogs and other inhabitants of our organic farm land For more information, please refer to our programs Tab

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